Saturday, August 11, 2007

A Simple Pleasure

I got up early, or at least early for a Saturday in Eugene. That seems to happen these days. I suppose it's possible that a small part of my mind might be on eastern daylight time.
No matter.
This is not civic pride. It's generally accepted that summers in Eugene are one of the best places on earth and this morning was near to perfection in that regard. I stepped outside and just kind of breathed it in, you know? The smell of it all. The straight. up. FRESHNESS! of the world at that hour is something to be absorbed into your bloodstream. It was sunny and bright with long but shortening shadows and cool, in my shorts and bare feet, and the garden was still moist and the world seemed to be in order so I felt compelled to take my morning cup at my favorite spot downtown while everything was still quiet and the Saturday Marketeers were just arriving to set up their tents and booths.
In my admittedly limited experience, Cafe Perugino has the best coffee in the world. You know how it feels to drink a hot, black cup of dark-roasted goodness when you haven't had one in a couple of weeks? You know that kind of tingle that comes over your body and makes you smile, if only on the inside? You know how you can actually feel the caffiene when it hits your stomach and then feel it accelerate as you inhale? Well, it's like THAT - every time. It just feels so - good! You know?
Anyway, I sat on the empty and nearly silent sidewalk at a favorite table, just a little bit cold despite my sleeves and felt the coffee coursing in my veins as I savored my bagel and my book and everything in the world. For a few moments everything was very nearly perfect.


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