Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Et tu, Kanotey?

Yes, it's true; even I have a space of my own. And I ask myself: aren't you a little OLD for that sort of nonsense? Mmm...probably. So what. I readily admit that its existence serves absolutely no practical purpose. Moreover, I seriously doubt that it will ever be full of clever comments as posted by my clever Myspace friends, of which I have but one (yes, him). Well, not that I'm choosy about my friends, exactly, but I have ignored friend requests from fun, honest and outgoing women with web pages containing their hot pics. Regardless, I'll say this about that. It was fun. Moreover, I think it was a worthwhile process: What DO I know about myself. What WOULD I want a random browser to know about me? CAN I be candid with still just a bit of a wink and a smile? I don't know. You be the judge.


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